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Mobio returns to Slack

Since mid-2020, we have abandoned all corporate messengers in favor of Telegram. It seemed that the solution was perfect and everyone was happy with it. Time passed and communication became very fragmented and unmanageable. With a team in different parts of the world, a strategic remote work first approach - Telegram becomes a bottleneck in development. As a result, we decided to return Mobio to Slack, and now to the paid version with full functionality.  

The main reasons why we decided to return to Slack:

1. Slack is not a messenger.
The differences between messengers and Slack aren't obvious. The basic functionality is very similar: messaging, group chats, calls, etc. Significant differences are revealed when you set the task of building information exchange within the company, and not just messaging. And the thing # nbsp; is not at all about the beauty of the interfaces. Slack is a platform for corporate communication: division of chats by topic, transparency of information, easy and at the same time on-demand access to various information flows, data security, automatic status updates and team involvement in communication. This is an essential element for shaping a corporate culture, especially when working remotely.

2. Work-life balance

We love to work hard, but you can only give all your best for 12 hours when there are periods of good rest.

“Another working day has ended. All planned tasks have been completed and there is a great opportunity to plan a weekend evening with friends. You go to telegram and start communicating with your comrades. All of a sudden, a message arrives at the workgroup asking them to prepare a report for the client. The time is 23:00, and you are still preparing the report, forgetting about friends and plans for the weekend."

There are a lot of similar situations. By combining spaces for communication, you risk forgetting about Work-life balance forever. As a result, productivity falls, tasks are performed ineffectively and, once a favorite job, it becomes uninteresting.

3. Tools determine the effectiveness of the entire company

$ 6.67 is the price you need to pay for 1 Slack license. You have to shell out more than $ 3000 for a one-year subscription at a time. Is this a lot? We are sure not!

The problem is that business in Russia often refuses to look at such items of expenses as investments in tools and, as a result, we say:   “Well, you can definitely save on this. We don't need this. "

Now our team is much more likely to interact with foreign companies and the attitude towards our own business has changed. We are confident that the $ 3k invested today will very soon translate into a $ 1000k profit.

4. Integration with other tools

Another obvious advantage of Slack is its extensive integration options. A huge number of articles have been written about this, so we will not go into details. At Mobio, we use Asana as a task manager, HubSpot as a CRM system, G-suite for working with documents. Slack integrates perfectly with these services and takes communication to a whole new level.