Funding Customer Acquisition

Increase your revenue without having to sell equity
В партнерстве с фондом Triple Dragon
мы оказываем услуги финансирования маркетинга мобильных игр и приложений
Triple Dragon is a London based finance company with global reach, that specialises in financing games, applications, games publishers and (mobile) advertising networks.
Our user acquisition loans help game and application developers as well as publishers to scale their install base and significantly increase revenue, without giving up equity, by funding their user acquisition and marketing campaigns. If you have a game or app that has a life-time value (LTV) that exceeds the cost-per-install (CPI), then we can help to substantially increase your revenue and profitability
How does it work?
(not equity, so no dilution)
Can only be used to fund user acquisition and marketing
Secured against app store,
platform or ad network receivables
Loan size increases month-by-month as long as pre-agreed monetisation metrics are being achieved
mobile and PC/console
Interest charged monthly on the amount that has been borrowed
Mobio and Triple Dragon have partnered to provide combined user acquisition services and user acquisition financing. This will empower our clients to significantly scale up their user acquisition activities and increase their revenue and install base, with the financial backing and support from Triple Dragon.
Pieter van der Pijl
Triple Dragon